Romantic Menage Erotica - Polyamorous MFMBetween the waking world and dreams, there is the Veil.

Pyrrha has only just returned to her home from the mortal realm, and her Champion has already proposed. She sets out to lead him on a seductive chase, but her plans are interrupted by a dark and alluring stranger who knows so much about her. But, she has no memories of him.

Fascinated, Pyrrha is drawn into a scorching affair, which ultimately threatens to tear the nobility of the fire lands, and her heart, in two. But she knows better than anyone that there is no law that can make her choose.

Will Pyrrha be able to reconcile her heart and her duties as the Queen of Vuurzi? Will she be able to keep the peace? When trouble emerges from an unexpected force, will she be able to save her kingdom?

The Veil of Undoing is a collaborative erotic fantasy world, with shared meta plotline augmenting episodic stories. However, each is carefully written to be a satisfying stand alone read. The Veil has been a labor of love since the beginning, and the authors who have collaborated on this project are excited to bring it to you.

This 54k word fantasy novella is intended for an adult audience.

Click here for a steamy excerpt.