College co-ed Gillian has gotten herself into a desperate state, and if she wants to finish her pre-med degree without taking time off, she’s going to have to bet everything on a mysterious financial ‘genius’. Except his money making ideas are a bit unconventional. She doesn’t know it, but they revolve around a certain commodity she’d been holding onto, and she’s not quite sure if she’s ready to give it up yet.

When Gillian finds herself face to face with one of the wealthiest men in town, she doesn’t think twice about the mysterious man’s deal, she’ll take it! But as handsome as billionaire Mateo may be, what if he what he wants is a little too kinky?


Stories in the Short Fling Fiction series are stand-alone short stories from author E. K. Sabins with kinky themes hot enough to melt your Kindle! These sexy stories are intended for an adult audience. Read them in any order you like.
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